MPB BlastX

Sorry take so long to make new build!!.. Im working all days long in fucking hospital…and this corona shit make problem for everyone..but ok…important new one is here…so…ok..

Windows 10 PRO 2009.19042.928

Plz REBOOT ur PC after system install.. for 3-4 times!!!..

We have removed – Windows defender..Windows update..Windows backup..Windows Home Group..Windows firewall (GUI)..Microsoft Telemetry..Windows Reader PDF..Kernel Debugging..Bloatware apps..Manifest Backup (WinSxS\Backup)..Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)..Cortana – bur have keep some parts of it – seach in start menu works!
and much more..

And Keepd – Windows Media Player..IE11..Photo viewer..Remote desktop connection..DirectX play..ect ect

Language: English
Architect: 64bit
Size: 1.7GB

How to get this OS

if you decide to donate 5$..this build will be yours..


18 thoughts on “MPB BlastX

  1. looks good, fast on older comp too but lack of ability to install other keyboard language makes it unusable here, i live in a region with other config than qwerty but no install of kb language is possible unfortunately


  2. my PC is low on resources and this operating system is the best performing one. Adding another language shouldn’t be difficult! It’s not even a big change, it’s just a bit of adaptability to different nations, WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO DO THAT?


  3. It was good for me but recently i discovered the big problem that i can not play videos with any media player it lags very much 2 frame per second ,have tried many media players not fixed


  4. Can you make a Windows like this, but with TTS in the future? or is there a way to enable text-to-speech? I still love this one regardless though.


      1. Hi
        I’ve been using mpb-blastx on some modified low-spec chrome boxes. It runs great! I only have one issue that i hope you can help me with. I modded the chrome boxes to run another bios and windows. I made one setup on a chromebox and then copied that drive to multiple other chromeboxes. The problem is that the copies are now not activated. I tried activating with many different hwid activators and they won’t activate.

        I ended up activating with microsoft toolkit using KMS but it doesn’t always hold. Is there any way i can delay the activation on mpb-blastx or run the re-activator that is in the iso? If so, can you point me in the direction of which dir the activator is in?


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